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  • If you'd like some help, I've created most of the pages and can lend a hand here. Let me know what your plans are for this Wiki.

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    • Hi Danlan!

      I would love some help, as I'm new to wikia. I use it for other games, but I've never made one. Our plans are to make this a central hub for players, where we can trade strategies, address bugs or issues, and provide more information about the core narrative.

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    • Great, I've made a page with the Quest Buildings to start, let me know if this fits the concept. Also, do you know who Melanielei is, or where she's getting this great stuff from? The high-res photos, full character bios and data seem to be from out of nowhere - I haven't found these resources on Kiwi's site at least. Also the standalone Shipwrecked! logo is unique - I had to make my own by erasing the background from a public image.

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    • The Quest Buildings is actually in line with what I wanted. I know there were issues with the Inspect the Cauldron quest, where we could only complete it by tapping the cauldron again while someone was harvesting it. I heard it's now fixed, but I like that people can come here and see which building is the cauldron! Keep up the good work and let me know if I can help.

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    • Shipwrecked is not loading

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    • What are the green dollar bills for? I've gotten them in a couple quests, but I can't find anything to buy with them.

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